Silver Edition
1. Leave My Troubles Behind
2. Good To Go
3. Master Of The Sea
4. One Day At A Time
5. Just Another Day
6. To The Other Side
7. A Few More Miles
8. Welcome Home
9. It Took A Man Like That
10. Look Who’s In The Ship
11. God’s Got A Plan
12. It’s Waiting For Me
13. When He Reached Down His Hand

Back Then
1. There’s Been a Resurrection
2. The Little Things
3. We Shall See Heaven Someday
4. He Had the World on His Shoulders
5. On Bended Knees
6. Every Time He Drove a Nail
7. If We Never Meet Again
8. If It Wasn’t for the Valley
9. Hallelujah Morning
10. He Came to Me
11. Fight to the Finish
12. Back Then
13. He Will Roll Me over the Tide

Christmas with The Pathfinders
1. Mary Was the First One to Carry the Gospel
2. There’s a New Kid in Town
3. I Have Seen the Light
4. Heaven and Nature Singing
5. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
6. No Room
7. Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
8. Come and See What’s Happening in the Barn
9.  New Star Shining
10. Sweet Baby Jesus
11. Something to Shout About
12. Mary Did You Know

1. Ain’t Nothing Better
2. Willing and Waiting
3.  Land of Living
4. At the End of the Glory Road
5. Closer to Where I’m Going
6. Third Day
7. He Sent Me Running
8. I Believe
9. Free Indeed
10. I Believe He Died for Me
11. If It Wasn’t for That Love
12. Let Me Tell You About Jesus

Under The Blood
1. Other Side Of The Flood
2. Never Gave Up on Me
3. All About Love
4. Walking With Jesus
5. Jesus Came After Me
6. Let My Light Shine
7. This Valley You’re In
8. Chance Of A Lifetime
9. One More Valley
10. Standing By The Bedside
11. Under The Blood